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My start page is now called Gotzelog – John Gotze’s Weblog. Follow the stream, it’s called. Back to basics, from the good ol’ times (before the commercialisastion of the web) when the web was, well, like a weblog 😉

But modern weblogs are different from the “good old days” in at least one sense: There are modern tools, that people use when writing stuff for their weblogs. The tools, such as Blogger, are great. They allow “all of us” to publish stuff by using easy-to-use editors and one-click publishing. And as you’ll see if you go to, there are lots of people who use them.

Yesterday’s WebReview proclaimed nothing less than The Blogging Revolution, and this should really be taken seriously:

Self publishing is nothing new, it’s been around since before people were scrolling through actual scrolls. The Internet is the place for it and with emerging browserware that will empower the masses to point, click, and publish their wisdom, lunacy, mistakes, advice, and experiences, the Web will come alive with content that is rich in originality, deeply personal, and oozing with individualism.

The geek in me said, “well, I can do this”, so I went ahead and created my own weblog browserware and server-backend system. Since I have limited capabilities in actually doing coding and scripting, well, it is not that advanced – don’t worry, I will not be bought up by Yahoo (yet ;-). But I now have the same functionality as I had when I tried out Blogger, so I’m kind of proud. I can imagine myself waking up in the morning crying, “I want my Gotzelog” … well, perhaps not. But, as Dave Winer and others preach, Write The Web! So this is what I will do here at my own little corner of the webuniverse.

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