Portals – gateways to eDemocracy?

“With the birth of the Internet, our notions of ‘community’ were redefined.” Janet Caldow’s e-Communities, Portals and the Public Sector is today’s must-read. Janet is Director of the Center for e-communities at IBM’s Institute for Electronic Government.

Janet Caldow is a delightfully productive e-government writer. Her writings include: Cinderella Cities, The Quest for Electronic Government: A Defining Vision and of course
The Virtual Ballot Box: A Survey on Digital Democracy in Europe.

Rekindle democracy for the 21st century:

  • Online Voter registration
  • Online voting
  • Campaign
  • Wired legislative bodies
  • Open legislative process
  • Communication with elected representatitves

Wanderer, your footsteps are the road, and nothing more; wanderer, there is no road, the road is made by walking.

The IEG site is filled with other good stuff. See for example Eight Imperatives for Leaders in a Network World: Guidelines for the 2000 Election & Beyond by Mechling and Fletcher.

In a recent report, Creating and implementing an e-government portal solution, IBM writes:

“With the smooth passing of Y2K, an unprecedented burst of e-government activity is underway. Within this, government-wide Internet portals are a priority as the population becomes increasingly Internet savvy and resources are reallocated to new projects. This explores important e-government transformation considerations such as service delivery options, funding options and key portal design elements, including security and scalability considerations. It also explains how IBM has strategically integrated a set of competencies across its multiple e-business organizations to offer the public sector a truly balanced portal practice dedicated to government.”

See also IBMs Portals in a Storm: New Forms of Access.

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