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The latest news from eDenmark: Bedst på Nettet – Kvalitetsvurdering af offentlige hjemmesider (Best on the Net – Quality Assessment of Public Websites) is the latest attempt from the Danish Government in making Denmark’s public sector digital.

Best on the Net will consist of three parts:

  • Screening of public websites
  • User assessments and tests
  • Best Practice

The over-all assessment criteria guiding the work are:

  • Accessability and usability (Tilgængelighed og brugervenlighed)
  • Use-value and reliability (Nytteværdi og pålidelighed)
  • Openness and dialogue (Åbenhed og dialog)

There is some good stuff in their guidelines. I need to study this extensively.

The Vidensbank (Knowledge Base) shall be interesting to follow. I ought to talk with these guys … but, wait, I am talking with them, just didn’t make the connection …

This will definately be an important project to follow.

The initiative is managed by Danish State Information Service, which is one of the most active national information agencies around. They run the top-level portal to public Denmark, and also do lots of good guidelines and stuff.
PLS RAMBØLL Management has been commissioned to carry out the work, which will go on for three years.

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