What is it good for?

The Magazine on Information Impacts, October 2000 issue is themed: Is Digital Government Good Government? “Since the days of the early 20th-century Progressives, we Americans have sought good government — efficient, responsive and effective with the “right” balance between intervention and individuals’ rights. Does migrating services online change what it means to be “good”?”

There are some really good articles here!

Dictatorships in the Digital Age: Some Considerations on the Internet in China and Cuba. William J. Drake, Shanthi Kalathil and Taylor C. Boas.

E-government — Reality or Hype? Dan Jellinek.

Realizing the Promise of Digital Government: It’s More than Building a Web Site. Theresa A. Pardo.

Creating a Digital Federal Government. Rob Atkinson.

Mind Your Own Relationships! Elisabeth Richard.

When is Government like Business? An Extended Conversation with Steve Crocker about Information Security.

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