Voice or Exit?

Things come, things go. Third Voice took the First Exit.

Dear Third Voice users,
As of April 2, 2001, we are no longer supporting the consumer version of the our search and annotation tools. Thanks for your support these past few years. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Third Voice team

The consumer-focused application for attaching “sticky notes” to Web pages wasn’t making money. Is web annotation dead?

CritSuite, Critical Discussion Tools for the Web. Developed several years ago for the Foresight Institute to enable critical discussions and enhance productivity for those using the web, CritSuite takes vital steps toward a truly connected and interactive Web structure. CritSuite consists of three pieces of integrated software which allow individuals to comment on and view existing hypertext documents (CritLink), to navigate the Web using a graphical interface (CritMap), and to archive email exchanges using the features of hypertext (CritMail).

Annotation Engine by Wendy Seltzer at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Law School: also open-source mediator software, similar to CritLink, except that it arranges comments in a frame next to the document.

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