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Nua Internet Surveys Weekly Editorial – An online anarchist circus?: “Holding conferences online, on the other hand, could turn out well for both the politicians and the protesters. We have to wait and see whether Wolfensohn deigns to offer a meaningful response to any of the questions posted on the conference site but, if he does, it could be the start of a new era where the Internet enables rational discussion between the two sides. Fingers crossed.” Some 1800 people from 80 countries participated in the event.

Guardian: Cyber war declared on World Bank

Interesting developments! After the recent events in Gothenberg (Göteborg), it is obvious to everyone that something must be done in the practice of international governance.

Having meetings on the net is not really a novelty for international governments though. I am not sure how “top-level” this recent World Bank meeting was. It was certainly a very big meeting, beyond the normal. It would be good to learn more about how it actually worked – any “eyewitnesses” out there?

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