IDAs plans for on-line government services are public now. William Heath experienced the Sandhamn syndrome.

Putting more government services on-line for citizens and businesses across Europe is an important element of the Commission’s eEurope Action Plan. Senior civil servants from the public administrations of 28 European countries have endorsed recommendations for the development of on-line government services. This happened at the joint Swedish Presidency and European Commission conference eGovernment in the service of European citizens and enterprises – what is required at the European level held in Sandhamn, Sweden, on 13 and 14 June 2001.

In the “conclusions” from NL, it says: Start an action line for best practises of electronic ways of participation and consultation in member states (local, central governments). IDA, should they go on with this, will soon find that GOL and OECD is working on this too.

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