Stockholm – Copenhagen, Malmö?

Swedish text only: Britta Lejon om förvaltningsutveckling på konferens med statliga myndighetschefer. Important read for anyone working with e-government and other govarnance issues. Especially for those in Sweden, of course.

Speaking of Sweden, I will soon leave Stockholm. Got a job in Copenhagen, and will start there on 1 October. In Statens Information, an agency which translates into the Danish State Information Service.
I am looking forward to the new job, and to come “back home” after more than four years abroad. I’ll miss Sweden (well …, better not “break up” completely, because I might end up living in Sweden, though in Malmö). The commute is quite a bit, but may in fact be better than commuting on the Danish side.

Uhmmm … I want to write a lot about Sweden … must do so, soon.

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