A map for the road and 10 questions to go

I’m a proud member of the Working Group on E-Government in the Developing World. Our new report, Roadmap for E-government in the Developing World: 10 Questions E-Government Leaders Should Ask Themselves presents 10 questions crucial to successfully conceiving, planning, managing and measuring e-government.

From the news release: The Roadmap reflects the collective experiences of a group of officials and experts from Brazil, Chile, China, Denmark, Egypt, India, Israel, Mexico, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. The report is the product of a two-day conference held in August 2001 in Redwood City, CA, and a continued e-mail dialogue among participants. The Working Group welcomes comments about the Roadmap and, more importantly, case studies or ‘lessons learned’ from the experiences of others in e-government.

Steven Clift, also a member of the group, commented: What makes this report so important is that it represents the lessons and a message from e-government leaders in developing countries to other developing countries. It also provides solid e-government advice for all states and countries. Put another way, e-government leaders from developing countries seem to see hype and B.S. a lot more clearly and are willing to point it out. They can’t afford to make big mistakes, so they come at this with a healthy skepticism from which we can all learn.

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