A future in government?

Financial Times quotes our roadmap!

FT’s Louise Kehoe writes: “The council’s report is aimed at governments in the developing world that are beginning to adopt e-government, yet much of its advice is equally applicable to governments in more advanced countries that are reviewing and renewing their online activities – and even to businesses. Just as e-business technology frequently fails to return the expected results unless it is accompanied by radical change in business processes, governments can achieve little by duplicating paper forms on a website.”

She quotes Mauro Regio of Microsoft, and writes that he “advocates “virtual networks of government services” that span government agencies and the private sector. Such networks might create internet portals providing a range of related information. While government agencies would originate the information and services provided, third parties might package this information, add syndicated content and present it to consumers.”

She concludes: “Yet the evidence to date suggests that these virtual networks may be a long time in the making. Government – with or without the “e” – moves at its own pace.”

In Denmark, we call such virtual networks service communities, and they are an important ingredient in the national eGov strategy. I wouldn’t say that our pace is that high, but we are getting there.

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