US rulemaking portal coming up OMB unveils plan for rulemaking portal

“Office of Management and Budget officials recently outlined plans to launch a new federal portal by Dec. 31 where individuals can comment on proposed federal rules. The online rulemaking project is one of 24 e-government initiatives designed to make the government more efficient, effective and responsive to the needs of citizens.”

OMB has made a business case, which shows that redundancy has it’s costs, huge costs.

Although not exactly a rulemaking portal, but rather a more general government-citizen dialogue and deliberation platform, in Denmark, we’re working on Denmark Debate (DanmarksDebatten), and it strikes me that perhaps we too should make a business case like OMB’s.

Let’s see:

We have several hundred agencies and institutions in the target group. Potentially more (all public institutions), but let’s stick to, say, 500.

If each of these, independently of each other, goes out and buys some system/service on the market, runs everything themselves (reinventing the wheel), I wonder how much money this would cost alltogether. Lots of millions, for sure. Two figured M€, or more.

Now, redundancy is IMO not quite a “valid” argument when talking about citizen engagement. It seems to me to be absurd neobenthamism to try and make a business case for democracy.

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