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Phil Windley writes about Enterprise Architectures:

… Perhaps, we should require agencies to have an enterprise architecture and to link funding to it in the same way that OMB has for Federal agencies?  The larger question is: how do we make the IT planning process useful and relevant?

It is indeed a good question, the larger one. It is easy to plan, but not easy to implement even a good plan, and as they say in England, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

The OMB-approach to FEA has been drawing some attention in Denmark, and I hope to visit OMB next month, when I’m in Washington, to learn more.

On 30 September, we have arranged a conference to be held here in Copenhagen, on the theme of IT-architecture in government. As the organiser, I am very safisfied with the final programme, although I initially had some other plans (next time, Phil, Mark, Knut!). The programme includes 4 Danish stories and one foreign case, as well as two architecture analysts, Kim Bjørn Nielsen from Gartner Group and Brian Burke from META Group.

On the analysts, I have a pretty good idea of what they’re going to say. Much the same, in many ways, but with different focuses. While Gartner emphasises the why’s, META will do the how’s. My agency is not (yet?) a client with any of these analysts. I’m not sure how much value-for-money we’d get from a membership – I’ve always found it somewhat absurd to pay $5000 for a report.

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