Architecting eGovernment? 30 September 2002 a National Green Paper on IT Architecure was published by the Danish National IT and Telecom Agency on behalf of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. A consultation process now runs until November 22, and an online discussion forum has been established. Based on these, a White Paper on IT Architecture is to be presented in early 2003.

The Green Paper is in Danish only. On popular demand, we may choose to translate it to English, but for now we want to invite our international collegues for open deliberations about architecture policies around the world. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

For these deliberations, we have created a web forum with a number of themes:

  • What is the domain? What are we talking about? FEA or e-GIF?
  • What is a good architecture policy?
  • eGovernment as urban planning
  • Where are the best practices?
  • What is a service-oriented architecture?
  • Which standards are we talking about?

Join the deliberations! Anyone interested in the themes are welcome to participate. Registration is required (free).

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