XMLifying my site

I’ve set out on a mission today. I want to “XML-enable” my complete site. Thanks to Anders Jacobsen‘s easy but cool fix to MovableType, my blog now offers category-based XML feeds (RDF/RSS 1.0). See the small orange icons in Domains list downscreen to the right? Feel free to use the feeds! OK, if my taxonomy made sense,they would perhaps be more useful, but that’s another issue 🙂

The links from GotzeLinked in the right menu are the result of an XML-integration. When I update my blog, an xml feed containing the most recent additions I madein GotzeLinked are fetched and parsed (using mt-rssfeed,a MovableType plugin). I could of course have used any xml feed out there.The plugin is nice, but it doesn’t like Danish characters, which proved a problem in another blog I integrated a (Danish) feed in. Now, I know the feed (one of my own …) should encode the Danish characters somehow.

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