Reuters: META Predicts Microsoft Will Offer Linux Software

The Register: MS un-denial leaves Linux option open

META Groups think that by 2006/07, Linux on Intel (“Lintel”) will be on 45% of new servers (Intel will be on 95%+ of new servers). They also think Microsoft will enter this market, especially via .NET.

META’s Bottom Line: Linux will have significant public-sector acceptance (especially overseas), which will encourage further commercial developments. By 2005/06, public-sector deployments (typically overseas) will provide the basis for accelerated Linux (and other open source) implementations.

In related news, The Register brings another interesting story about how Microsoft brings together Office 11 and .NET. This is important and expected news. It is adding to the ongoing debates about open document formats in interesting new ways. If our office applications used open standard-based web services, the interoperability between brands would be eased. Then we’re not sharing documents, but services. Cool. Maybe. Let’s see.

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