Lazy is good

LazyWeb is coming on as a strong candidate for what will come in the new year. Yesterday, Shelly Powers made a beautiful statement about what it’s all about:
I think we’re seeing a new form of open source development, based on technology developed for the community and its immediate, expressed needs. A case of community searching for technology rather than technology on the hunt for a users.

According to LazyWebwiki, the term was coined by Matt “blackbeltjones”, who said “if you wait long enough, someone will write/build/design what you were thinking about”. As Ben Hammersley learned (and taught?), the lazyweb is a rather perfect match with current developments in the blogging community, where we see so much creativity and peer-collaboration.

It’s tempting to start trackback pinging Ben’s “giftshop” with various ideas. I’m not a coder, but have code ideas, so watch out, Ben 😉

To be continued …

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