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Phil Windley’s talk was one of the reasons I am sorry I didn’t have a chance to participate in Susan Turnbull’s Universal Access Collaboration Expedition. I’m on her invitation list, and always hate to miss the events, but it’s good to follow what she’s up to.

Phil’s web services manifesto is about defining web services, and he puts forward some old as well as some new thoughts. I like the open definition of web services, and the design principles.

IMHO an eGov web services manifesto must be a bit wider than the one Phil suggests. It needs to embrace the core architectural principles in a wider context (“federated enterprise” kind of way). But if it were up to me, the open definition and the design principles would embrace those Phil raises.

There is also a bit more to say about life events, but Phil makes a good and clear point there, which I’d like to use. We have a lot of experience here in Denmark with thinking in life events. There has been a tendency to think “one life event” = “one portal”, but fortunately, we have moved ahead and now think in terms of service communities and partnerships.

Speaking of presentations, I have been asked to nominate three contemporary trends in e-government with three good examples showing these trends. Any nominations? (Alan, can you send me three powerpoints about GG, please ? ;-)

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  • The trend that I am currently driving in the State of Utah is the emphasis on more cross-agency and enterprise wide integration in the way that we deliver eGov services. An example of this that I am currently working with is our One Stop Business Registration project which will allow someone wishing to create a new business to complete the process with the State Dept. of Commerce, the Tax Commission, the Dept. of Workforce Services (unemployment), the Dept. of Environmental Quality, the Internal Revenue Service (federal), and their local city or town all through a single process. As you know, this is different and more complex than creating a portal that links to the various agencies and processes.

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