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Udell’s The name game about URL politics and principles is important.

My private coding adventures with bookmarklets and auto-discovery continues. I am doing stuff that Alan can only imagine, and appearently others too, because I have not yet found anyone who can help me out. So, I decided to take a slightly different route in order to get to where I wanted. And where is that again? Here:
Bookmarklet for directory
That’s a screen dump with what happens when I click on my bookmarklet on W3C‘s site. I don’t have to fill in anything besides picking a category (which can of course be preset). The rest of the information is filled in automagically, partly by the bookmarklet and partly with a small spider I ended up using to go and discover XML/RSS-feeds. Until I get the bookmarklet right (testers, mail me), the spider has a webinterface too, so try the autodiscovery there (fetching description is not there; it’s still in the bookmarklet, but the XML/RSS-autodiscovery should work.

How? Appropriately, Sam Ruby today wrote P.S. Consider adding a link tag to your blog…. The same message goes from me, because the link tag is all a site needs for my spider to work. It’s not that I don’t like the small orange buttons everywhere, but from now on, I don’t need them if people just follow Sam’s (and others‘) advice. I think my blogging tool of choice supports link tags by default, but I am not sure about the other tools out there. Many Radio-sites doesn’t use it, I notice. Anyway, every blogger should be able to manually add the title tag, which only needs done once and for all, so please, go ahead and add it.

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