XML for democracy

Can government invoke the Lazy Web? Hmmm. Let’s try. My agency has launched a number of pilot projects in DanmarksDebatten, Denmark Debate, an e-democracy service we offer to all public sector institutions in Denmark, for them to open up for dialogues with their users. The service allows the institutions to do some customisation and simple integration into their own websites.

The Denmark Debate backend also creates a potentially very interesting XML-feed with links to all the debates, categorised by metadata. The feed is in a home-grown XML-format (see the XML schema).

I would like to have RSS-feeds, but for various reasons don’t want to ask the contractor to add such. I would rather have a small perl/php script or something. Any ideas?

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  • Hooray! something I can do!

    If I read Danish, I’m sure I could understand more completely: but it looks quite simple. It would certainly be easy to rig up an RSS feed of the latest debates. Drop me an email, and let’s see what we can do…

  • http://www.submitresponse.co.uk/reading/2003_02.html#000323

    XML for democracy (keeping tabs on interesting Lazyweb activity)

  • Hi there,

    Assuming Ben has been too busy to put something together, I did a quick XSLT. Thanks to the W3C XSLT service, you can see the results for the above XML in RSS/RDF and as a subscription-ready HTML page.

    A few assumptions have been made, most notably to create a somewhat sensible description, but it should work anyway.

  • Hi Morten,

    Excellent. Nice job with the transformations and use of namespaces. And creative too – with FOAF to describe names of authorities … Hmmm … I never thought I’d find the authorities as anybody’s friends 😉

    Since I use some old-fashioned aggregators, but also for the practice, I think I have managed to make a transformation into RSS 0.92 with this XSLT-file.

    Now, I am not sure what Ben is working on, but know that he has been looking into the feeds, and said that it should be possible to make a script. Although the transformation style is nice, I still would like a script.

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