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I have written about trackback pinging before. My first experiment was interesting, but still needs to be wrapped up. Or maybe I’ll drop it, because there are many other interesting ideas floating around:

TrackBacks are comments. They are comments left on someone else’s site rather than your own, but they are comments nonetheless. Movable Type makes a distinction between entry comments and TrackBacks that seems artificial, and it made more sense to me to have TrackBack ping data appear within the comments portion of a Movable Type site.

SimpleComments is a new MT-plugin that puts comments and trackbacks together, so they are merged into a single list/thread. This allows us to have distriibuted debates. If you want to comment on my writings, you don’t have to use my comments form; you can just make a trackback ping.

There are of course many issues related to trackback pinging. Even though the Trackback system itself is a standalone system, it is as far as I can see only working with Movable Type and a few other systems. But Trackback and Radio doesn’t really work together, or do they? And how about Blogger?

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