e-GIF compliance

The UK last week announced a new e-GIF Compliance Assessment Service (e-Government Interoperability Framework), which is a subscription-based service that comprises:

  • Up-to-date information and commentary about the developing e-GIF as new versions and updates come through – a news and information service.
  • A downloadable, self-assessment questionnaire tool – to help you perform and record a standardised assessment for your project, product or service.
  • An e-mail help service and FAQ – to help you quickly get up to speed on the e-GIF issues that should concern you.

Over the coming months, I will be responsible for developing a Danish e-GIF, so maybe I should sign up …

I am the Danish representative in a new (at least for me) European working group in the IDA-programme which will be looking at a Europe-wide (“federated”) e-GIF. There’s a meeting in this group tomorrow, so I’ll go to Brussels for the day. I wonder how many other countries than UK has a e-GIF? I know France and Germany have similar frameworks.

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  • Yes you should sign up. It is very interesting. E-government in general is current “flavour”. I suggest you contact Jeremy Millard at DTI in Aarhus (Denmark) who is helping publish an e-government domain of “best” practice on Beep.

  • Thanks Richard. I have signed up, and yes, it’s a good initiative.

    The European work I mentioned above has been good. The working group has produced a European Interoperability Framework, which will be presented as a consultation paper in September.

    I don’t know Jeremy, but the Beep project sounds interesting, so I shall contact him.

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