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Here’s a nice learning example about using XML-RPC and Newsisfree.

In Newsisfree all sources have unique IDs. My blog is 1611, for example. In the web service, there is a function called hpe.getSource, which retrieves the metadata and a list of news items for a given source. I have used this in tweo different ways:

  • The Lookup Tool: Sourcecheck (source). Form for looking up news from a given source
  • The Retriever Tool: Sourcecheckbyurl (source), which does the same, but via the URL (e.g., sourcecheckbyurl.php?idnumber=1611)

The observant reader will notice that the only difference between the two tools is that the lookup tool uses HTTP_POST_VARS and the retriever uses HTTP_GET_VARS. In good RESTian spirit I will use get in my further work.

I have problems with hpe.searchSources (Source). Anyone see where the problem is?

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  • Newsisfree tools revisited

    Mike’s been extremely helpful with my Newsisfree tools, and my searchSources service now works (source; there’s also a hardcoded term

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