The Danish Infostructurebase

The Danish Infostructurebase, which opened this week, provides information about data interchange standards for the public and private sector. The development and publication of standards is supported with four different tools:

  • An Infosite delivering information about the standardization initiatives and communities.
  • A communities groupware tool supporting communities of practice in their standardization work
  • An international standards repository containing XML schemas, schema fragments, interface descriptions and process descriptions
  • An UDDI repository containing information on web services with public sector data.

It is the vision that it will be possible from this website to look up all public data interface descriptions, and gain information about what data are available and how data are accessed. The gain of a central location for public data will be easy access to already collected data and the re-use of these.

The Infostructurebase is a part of the Danish XML project. The Infostructurebase is established by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (my employer) and is open for public use, also for non-Danish users.

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