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Micah Alpern‘s great Trusted Blog Searching tool is a truly wonderful tool. Like he says:

– Some times I want to know what the world thinks (google)
– Some times I want to know what I think (my weblog)
– Some times I want to know what those I respect think (blogs I read)

So, Micah the interaction designer thought, why not wrap up a one-stop shop for all my search needs? And why not release it with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, so that others can use it? And then he just went away and did it … Thanks Micah!

Tadaaa: Allow me to present the new Gotzesphere search!

var myweblog = “”; var mygooglekey = “8VnwzO3OM3LdajzToxLLjRnicWi5AIHB”; var myopmlfile = “”;

document.s.opmlfile.value = myopmlfile; document.s.googlekey.value = mygooglekey; document.s.weblog.value = myweblog;

The tool is using the Google Soap API with PHP to do a series of domain specific searches with the advanced operator. The list of sites to search are fetched from an OPML file. All the results are collected together and presented on a single page. Elementary. Genious.

I already provide OPML-feeds from my GotzeLinked. I produce my blogrolls from here.

Radio UserLand users can easyly create an OPML-feed. If you use, you also have an OPML-feed.

You can add this service to your own site in several ways. You can download the source like I did, and run everything yourself. Or you can use my site as an intermediate. Feel free to do so, but please let me know, so I can inform you of any changes; if there is interest, I can wrap up a number of related services, such as connecting Newsisfree web services.

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  • Gotze, glad to see your using my search tool. Great minds defiantly think alike. I’m working on adding autodiscovery of Blogrolling managed blogrolls to the main tool. I’ll let you know when it’s done.


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