Bill of Rights for Web Services

Tim O’Reilly asks Do We Need A Bill of Rights for Web Services? What kinds of terms of service do you think would create open-source-like freedoms in the web services world?

Phil Wainewright comments and asks to the commercial aspects. IMHO, these are just some of the aspects one has to consider. The wider organisational, political, and cultural aspects are just as important, if not more. Of course, I speak mainly about government, but quite frankly, I don’t think the situation is much different in the private sector.

Tim is coming to Copenhagen for the Reboot conference. I’ll be arranging a small brunch seminar with Tim and Cory Doctorow on Saturday 21 June, and thought we should spend some time trying to find some answers to Tim’s questions. My blogging collegue René Løhde and a few other colleagues from our agency and our ministry, as well as a few CIOs from other ministries will participate. I guess we will show Tim and Cory our national Infostructurebase and talk about our experiences with web services and XML. But I also want to introduce Tim and Cory to our new IT-policy framework, which will go public really-soon-now, and hear what they think.

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