Dan Gillmor

Dan Gillmor is last before lunch. A journalist, one of the best out there, Dan talks about how the web is chang�ng the way we consume news.

The aftermathh after September 11, 2001, showed how media in the digital age really works. Then came warblogging. More recently, Trent Lott, a politician brought down by bloggers. Columbia’s explosion, where bloggers brought the real story.

Journalism becomes a conversation, or maybe a seminar. My readers know more than I do, is what journalists have to accept (it’s always been a fact, but a denied such).

Tools and toys are coming up constantly. We don’t have to wait until Gulfwar 8, there’s a lot out there now.

Hollywood and governments want the internet to be like a TV with pay-per-view access. Three scenarios: Total control. Total anarchy. New melding of the forms, big journalism and little journalism living together side by side. Thhird choice preferred. Agree.

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