RSS on the move

RSS is a melting pot of innovative thinking. Jon Udell: “RSS is in no way broken”. Tim Bray talks Mr. Safe into RSS, and gives a bit of background. Jorgen Thelin updates his RSS 2.0 Schema (which should be submitted to ISB).

Perhaps the best news is The EchoProject. It’s goal is to build an open system to syndicate, archive, and edit weblogs. Sam Ruby, who runs the initiative uses a wiki as an open forum for agreeing on a new weblog format (Echo) that is:

  • 100% vendor neutral,
  • implemented by everybody,
  • freely extensible by anybody, and
  • cleanly and thoroughly specified.

Sam has a lot of supporters. I’d sign the list too if I knew how to do so.

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It’s not rocket science, guys

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