Non-US in the US

I’ve bought my flight tickets for my trip to the US today. That proved more difficult than I’d expected. It’s not the lack of travel booking sites out there, nor the fact that I needed a multi-legged flight (which did rule out many booking sites however). No, it because I learned that all “international” sites (expedia, orbitz, etc) requests you to be a US resident to book a flight in the US. International my a**. Most didn’t mention that even in the small print, and had me working their bloddy forms for hours, only to learn that DK is not a state in their world.

So, I ended up buying the tickets through a traditional travel agent. Interestingly, I was able to get a cheaper ticket than what I ever found on the net.

Anyway, these are the dates I’ll be in the US:
28 July – 2 August: Salt Lake City, Utah
2 August – 10 August: Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington and around.

If anyone are around there and then and wants to meet up, drop me a mail!

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