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Wiki Wiki means “fast” in Hawaiian. Wiki is also a kind of software, which has been around for a number of years and has been and still is used many places.

I have now jumped the band-wagon and have installed a wiki. This particular wiki serves a particular purpose and a particular enclosed circle of people, who are working with me in a collaborative writing process. Hence, I have password protected the wiki, and will only give access to selected participants (only qualified enterprise architects need apply).

I was shopping around for a good wiki software package. I ended up with TWiki, which so far has been great. Twiki is open source, Perl-based, and runs fine on a virtual host. It also has cool add-ons and plugins, such as the MovableTypePlugin (for blog-wikis, blikis, I suppose) and the ActionTrackerPlugin, which may be handy as a project manager’s tool.

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