Alan has moved into the enterprise architecture debates! Great. He defines the mission of the EntArch to be:

To speed the deployment of customer-focused online services, facilitating the joining up of otherwise discrete departmentally-managed services

To provide for widespread service offerings through large varieties of intermediaries, each able to offer different and competing value-added enhancements to any service

To ensure that lessons learnt in any one organisation in the implementation of any part of this or any other EntArch are passed to all other organisations through providing a collaborative learning environment

To reduce the cost of delivery and maintenance of online services through reuse of systems, components and/or process changes and through rationalisation of the overall number of such systems, components and processes.

To buy time (and provide funding) for the eventual and full rationalisation of departmental back end systems through constructing a flexible and capable integration layer covering the �ber-organisation

To facilitate a dramatic and non-linear change in the perception of government service by citizens and businesses.

Ultimately, to deliver services that citizens want to use, that are consistent in their operation and are easy to use

Okey. Good start. Looking forward to hearing more.

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