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Alan: “We need to go back to the data being the asset.”
Dave agrees and adds: “those people who know how to absorb, analyze and present the data are a valuable commodity”. Dave is also considering creating a database about possibilities with vertical integration. Great idea.

Speaking of EA, I am putting together an EA-conference in late November here in Denmark. More about this soon. The importance of data and assets will be one important theme.

Speaking of conferences, META Group and DCI organises The Enterprise Architectures Conference on November 4-6 in Arizona, and a few weeks later, the 2nd Annual GCN Management Enterprise Architecture Conference is held on November 18-19 in Washington, DC.

My boss Niels Pagh Rasmussen will speak at the seminar IT architecture for IT managers on September 23 at the JAOO 2003 Conference in Aarhus.

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