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My good friend Steven Clift has released two major articles on “public net-work”. The first is an easy to read introduction to e-democracy, online consultation and the new concept of “public net-work.” The second (Word/RTF) is a slightly edited version of the article he wrote for the OECD detailing the concept of “public net-work”. Steve is also planning a special public net-work e-conference later in September.

Public net-work is an interesting concept. It represents the strategic use of information and communication technologies to better implement established public policy goals and programs through online stakeholder involvement. Public net-work projects have the following things in common:

1. They are designed to facilitate the online exchange of information, knowledge and/or experience among those doing similar public work.

2. They are hosted or funded by government agencies, intergovernmental associations, international government bodies, partnerships involving many public entities, non-governmental organizations, and sometimes foundations or companies.

3. While they are generally open to the public, they are focused on specific issues that attract niche stakeholder involvement from other government agencies, local governments, non-governmental organizations, and interested citizens. Essentially any individual or group willing to work with the government to meet public challenges may be included.

4. In a time of scare resources, public net-work is designed to help governments more effectively pursue their established missions in a collaborative and sustainable manner.

Our DanmarksDebatten is mentioned under “initiatives suggested for future exploration” in the OECD-paper (OK, I admit I told Steve to put it there …).

Steve has some good points. I strongly recommend his articles.

Maybe Steve should join us at CPsquare?

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