The imperative

Edwin, Joanna, and the other good people at PUMA in OECD have published The E-Government Imperative. A central quote:

E-Government is more about government than about ‘e’…

The term “e-government”, as used by the OECD E-Government Project, applies to the use of ICT as a tool to achieve better government. E-government is not about business as usual, but has a focus on using ICT to transform the structures, operations, and, most importantly, the culture of government. Modernising government structures, governance frameworks and processes to meet the e-government imperative will have fundamental impacts on how services are delivered, how policies are developed and how public administrations operate. As the impacts of e-government becomes more profound, government will have to strike equilibrium between protecting citizens
rights and better meeting their needs with moreefficient, integrated services and policy engagement processes. What starts as a technical exercise aimed at developing more responsive programs and services becomes an exercise in governance.

The report, which is available in PDF, is a good read, and recommended for anyone concerned with the future of government. I know the report has been on its way for a while, so some of the many case stories are a bit outdated, but still worth reading.

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