Back to university

It’s not quite settled yet, but together with my collegue S�ren Mortensen, I plan on giving a course on enterprise architecture at the Danish EBUSS Master course in e-business at the IT University of Copenhagen.

It’s going to be fun to teach again. I’m inspired by Phil’s Distributed Computing Course, but think my course has to be more business-oriented and less technical. It will be a T-course though, T for Technology, so students will get some geek points.

The EBUSS masters programme is chaired by professor Jam Damsgaard, whom I look forward to working with. I just found out he’s the chair of the upcoming IFIP WG 8.6 working conference on “The diffusion and adoption of networked information technologies” here in Denmark on October 6 – 8, 2003. I’ll try and make it, at least to paper session 2.

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