Enterprise architecture on the agenda

Yesterday, our Minister of Science Helge Sander, published an article in B�rsen (Danish FT/WSJ) together with the Chairman of Local Government Denmark Ejgil W. Rasmussen and the Chairman of Danish Regions Kristian Ebbensgaard. The article was called Offentlige it-systemer skal h�nge bedre sammen (Public IT-systems must fit together better). The article presents our white paper and also the new Enterprise Architecture Committee, of which I’m a member and for which I’m going to spend a good part of my time over the coming years. A quote from the article (my translation):

A government-wide framework for enterprise architecture is a precondition for e-government. All agencies and vendors must support and work within the joint framework if this undertaking is to succeed. E-government is an investment in the future – and a strategic effort that aims at securing the durability of the welfare state.

I’m going to use this quote in future presentations. I’m going to be doing one tomorrow (oh, today) actually. I was just told my talk has been moved to the main conference rather than a workshop, so I’ve been preparing slides tonight.

Is it a good or a bad sign that you keep preparing new presentations rather than reusing old, packaged ones? I must admit that in a week where I’ll be doing four presentations before the week is over, I do reuse a lot, but it’s never quite the same.

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