Permanent Chief Architect

The US is going to get an official permanent chief architect (GCN: OMB to name permanent chief architect). Bob Haycock, acting chief architect since last year, is a leading candidate. Good luck, Bob.

OMB also wants to add six analyst positions under the chief architect. These analysts will help with the day-to-day work of creating and maintaining the five Federal Enterprise Architecture reference models, which have been rolled out one by one (three out so far, but the rest are coming soon).

We’re consolidating the Danish National EA (NEA) programme, and working on our reference models. As a project manager I can see why Bob wants six analysts. I have three and a few loosely coupled helpers, and we’re too busy.

I think I’m going to write Bob and suggest we join forces. When we met last year, we found we had the same priorities. Maybe we could team up and do a joint reference model?

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