Power and Architecture

I’ve been adding a few New links in GotzeLinked. Among them, Gartner: Megavendors will ‘handcuff’ your enterprise architecture which has a good point: Increases in componentry and openness in packaged application architecture belie a megavendor agenda for greater architecture ownership and customer lock-in.

Architecture ownership. Exactly. That’s what it is all about.

So, how do you take ownership over the architecture? how do you avoid vendor lock-in? By having a good and active enterprise architecture. Gartner sells their “New Enterprise Architecture”, and other analysts and consultants and vendors sell EA en masse, so it is not that we lack a market for getting “help”. But the point is exactly that you must take ownership, and that it doesn’t really matter how rich you are, enterprise architecture cannot be bought (like happiness and love).

Having said that, you do need money to play this game. To get a taste of how “buying EA” works, I’ve just bought META Group’s $4000 EA Bible (EA Desk Reference). That’s one expensive book!

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