Gates on e-government

Bill Gates: Government in the Digital Decade:
So realizing e-government; it’s a process. It’s a process that will roll out over the years ahead. I’d expect that virtually all of you over the next year will have very exciting projects in this area. We want to be a partner to help you on those things, we want to show you how the cost for doing those things can actually be kept surprisingly low by using the latest in software and hardware technology. And we want to make sure that as these systems roll out the security audits, the review to make sure that these systems are fully accessible to everyone in your country, that all of those things are done in the right way so that e-government really is a benefit to everyone.

Microsoft’s Digital Decade Vision is being rolled out with the forthcoming Office 2003. If the rumours Phil Windley and others hear, that Microsoft is considering using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for their file formats, perhaps Mr Gates should come clean and start talking about his Digital Millennium Vision …

As the recent Cyberinsecurity report suggests, there are serious issues with monocultures (Windley and Jon Udell have more on this). Sean Gallagher has a good metaphor: Windows is the potato of the Internet age.

It’s a bit ironic that just this week the Chief Security Officer of Microsoft Denmark, wrote in the Danish Computerworld, that “investments in security can be exaggerated.”

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