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I’ve been busy with a number of deliverables in the office. Most are in Danish, and not public, so not much I can say about them. But I’ve also released a number of public deliverables, most notably the Danish e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF), the Reference Profile. It’s a consultation draft, and we’re very keen on getting comments. We chose to do the original document in English (will be translated into Danish soon)

For those who read Danish, we’ve also released a consultation draft of a handbook on enterprise architecture, which has been made in collaboration with architects from major players in the Danish IT-industry. We (ehm, I) decided to take the current version public, so the rest of the world can see what we’ve been up to with all the handbook. It is clear that we need more work, so in that sense, it is truly an open consultation, we are out after. In fact, we’re going to run a pilot in our agency’s new e-democracy service, Denmark Debate, as part of the deliberations.

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  • Dr. Gotze,
    My colleague and I were asked to write a paper for the upcoming International Conference on Politics and Information Systems regarding our work. (PISTA ’04) This does not mean it will be accepted or published, but they were kind enough to ask us to submit. I have read your PhD thesis and was very impressed by your work and your words. I am asking if you would consider looking over our paper. Our goal in writing it was to try and add a missing piece (human development) between technology and sociopolitical communities. Plus, offer one possible solution which is our own indivdual work we have developed over the past several years.
    I appreciate your consideration.
    Linda Flanders

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