Microsoft launches openness initiative from Denmark

Major news today:

Microsoft launches openness initiative from Denmark:

Denmark is the first country in the world where Microsoft deploys an entirely new policy of openness. This means that millions of documents can be easily and effortlessly exchanged between different IT-systems.
– The new openness around the standards are expected to enhance competition in the software field, says Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Helge Sander at the presentation of Microsoft’s initiative at a press briefing in Copenhagen today, November 17th.

This is a major step for Microsoft, and we’re rather proud in the office to have been helping them take this step. It’s going to be interesting to see how the rest of the world reacts to this news. The Legal Notice is bound to cause some discussions.

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  • How the h… did you get up this early? Hope people treat you well in the US after this.
    See you

  • MS open initiative in Denmark

    Gotzeblogged: Microsoft launches openness initiative from Denmark which includes the equivalent of the BSD license, I think. Just include the original MS copyright notice and you can copy, change the format as you like….

  • I guess by now you will have seen that it has been slashdotted.
    But see this

    I love this section:

    ” The Danish government is charting a middle course between using proprietary and open source software, emphasizing XML and other open standards rather than political correctness for the software itself. This strikes me as eminently sensible.”

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