What’s up for 2004 in eGov?

So, I looked back at 2003, the year of enterprise architecture, in an earlier post. I’m now in the mod for looking ahead and make a few “predictions” for the new year. What will happen in eGov in 2004? I’ll post some more thoughts on this over the coming days. One for now:

2004 E-Gov Challenge of the Year
Digital Identity Management, which might have won the 2003 award for Most Overlooked Burning Issue of the Year, but hasn’t become less important, on the contrary. Governments are poised to be one of the key players in shared authetication services and can play an important foundational role, as Phil Windley points out in his Digital Identity and eGovernment. Alan Mather has also been writing about the issues recently.

In 2003, we in Denmark rolled out the national Digital Signature offering citizens and businesses public certificates for electronic services. The certificates (OCES) are politically mandated for future online public services, but the banks and other players already have own established solutions and are reluctant to move on to OCES, so we’re clearly not done yet, if anyone thought that was the case. The challenge is that digital identity management is about so much more than digital signatures. The Danish Immigration Service is a web service savvy featured case on LooselyCoupled.com, and a good example of the issues faced.

META Group says it’s a longer journey:

Identity management and security needs will cause an increase in enterprise directory services adoption through 2004, as existing federated directories drive more provisioning and directory integration tool use. Enterprise/extranet directory distinctions will blur through 2005 and beyond, as internal/external identity needs converge. Directory use for some application authorization roles will increase as directory functionality expands. XML will enable component databases (as next-generation directories) and better integration capability (2006-08).

I wouldn’t be sorry to see Nikolaj return to his Digital ID Blog.

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