Enterprise Architecture, T8

My return-to-university (teaching) plan seems to work out: 13 students have signed up for the Enterprise Architecture course, and we have a go from the IT-University to run the course.

I look forward to the course, and will make every effort to make sure the students enjoy it too.

Phil Windley has inspired me to establish a course blog (to be established). My co-pilot, S�ren, doesn’t blog, yet. The university also offers some collaborative tool, which we’ll look into.

We have desided to use Spewak’s classic book as the basic course book. We’ll top that with a number of articles and book chapters during the course.

Maybe something like:

Marc Demarest: CityWare: Information Technology Planning And Urban Planning, from 1998.

A few chapters from John Seely Brown & Paul Duguid’s SLOFI.com, 2000.

And some of these.

Any suggestions for reading material for EA-students?

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