A course for the course

The EA-T8 course starts soon.

I’ve been looking at potential extra-curricular course material about enterprise architecture. Here is what I have on my list right now:

Introduction to the theme

ZapThink (2003) Calling the Elusive Enterprise Architect: You’re More Important than Ever

Nicholas G. Carr (2003) IT doesn’t matter, Harvard Business Review

Marc Demarest (1998) CityWare: Information Technology Planning And Urban Planning

John Hagel and John Seely Brown (2002) Break On Through to the Other Side: A Missing Link in Redefining the Enterprise (PDF)

Spewak, introduction

On June 13 2003 the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation published a White Paper on Enterprise Architecture.
DGEAF (Danish Government-wide Enterprise Architecture Framework):

  • EAS – EA strategy
  • EBA – enterprise business architecture
  • EIA – enterprise information architecture
  • ESA – enterprise solution architecture
  • ETA – enterprise technical architecture
  • Implementation

I’ve listed some material for these areas below:

Assuming we can’t assume the students have an academic background, we might have to start with some basic stuff.

Porter, M (1996) What is strategy? Slideshow
Ogilvy, J (2003) What Strategists Can Learn from Sartre

But quickly on to EAS.

Maybe we should use the IAC white paper on Interoperability Strategy – Concepts, Challenges, and Recommendations (more white papers at the IAC-EA SIG site, for example, the one on maturity.)

Governance is a central issue.

Maybe use stuff like the Governance Dashboard:
Pardee, T (2003) Herding Cats for IT Governance, in Enterprise Architect, November 28, 2003

Maybe a case? Vetarans Affairs! With Zachman and all.

Look into different strategic approaches:

System approaches
Scott W. Ambler (2003) Agile Enterprise Architecture: Beyond Enterprise Data Modeling
Ambler’s essay is a summary of a chapter in:
McGovern, J et al (2003) The Practical Guide to Enterprise Architecture, Prentice Hall

Framework approaches
Classics: TEAF, Zachman, …

(system vs framework? hmmmmm…..)

Besides work that can be bought, what is central to EBA?

John Hagel and John Seely Brown (2002) Control versus Trust: Mastering a Different Management Approach (PDF)

John Seely Brown & Paul Duguid (2000) Social Life of Information

Michael C. Daconta (2003) Designing the Smart-Data Enterprise, in Enterprise Architect, November 28, 2003

Fielding, R T (2000) Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures, PhD-dissertation, University of California

John Hagel, John Seely Brown and Scott Durchslag (2002) Orchestrating Loosely Coupled Business Processes: The Secret to Successful Collaboration (PDF)

ETA and Implementation – later.

Any suggestions for more to put on the list??

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