S�ren pointed me to two more, relevant publications for the EA course. These are:

Christopher Alexander‘s classic A Pattern Language. At least the introduction should be used.

Patterns for e-business: A Strategy for Reuse by Jonathan Adams, Srinivas Koushik, Guru Vasudeva, George Galambos, 2001. ISBN: 1-931182-02-7. Chapter 2-4.

The book is not online, but IBM’s e-business experts do put lots of good stuff online. For example, the Patterns: Applying Pattern Approaches Redbook, and the Patterns: Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services Redbook.

The latter might be useful when we go into the SOA issue, which we of course will. Here are more to the list then:

G�tze, Hjort-Madsen, Nielsen (forthcoming) SOA p� dansk. (SOA in Danish)

Lublinksy and Tyomkin (2003) Dissecting Service-Oriented Architectures

Martin Fowler (2002) Web Services: Pathway to a Service-Oriented Architecture?

What else here?

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