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I am back from my mission to Sarajevo. Edna, Gianni and all the others in the system review team made sure I had a great time. Thanks guys!

This photo is taken from the office.

I’ve tried out TypePad’s photo album feature, which works great, but can’t be blamed for the photographic quality in my Sarajevo photo album.

Last night, I rented and saw No Man’s Land, Danis Tanovic’s Academy Award-winning satire of the war in Bosnia. I warmly recommend it (buy it!). The dark humor of the film is “very Bosnian”. I love it. And the food’s nice too 😉

Speaking of films, the Sarajevo Film Festival is one of the biggest local cultural events of the year. The 10th fesitval will take place on 20-28 August 2004. I will try and have one of my missions in that period.

One of the general lessons I’ve learned is that government changes happen in many ways. After elections or reshufflements, the “top-management” not only often changes, but a good number of “merger and acquisitions” often happen. Once in a while, we also see larger structural reforms – from the one currently undergoing in municipal and regional Denmark to the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it starts with peace and a stability pact and then goes on to state-building with large aid programmes, donor projects and feasibility studies and now a beginning government enterprise-building as part of a Public Administration Reform. I can’t help but see more commonalities than differences between Denmark and BiH, although the differences of course are very notable: Denmark still has a long way to go …

I will try and keep track of online resources about BiH, and can now offer a unique BiH XML-feed. Anyone interested in joining up and doing something more with XML for Bosnia?

I’ve noticed that Loic Le Meur is looking at European Political blogging and Emergent democracy. I also noticed Dave Winer is coming to Europe soon. Wanna meet up in Sarajevo? (or Copenhagen?)

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