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National and local authorities in Denmark’s Project eGovernment have signed an agreement on eDay2 (in Danish).

eDay2 will occur on 1 February 2005. From that date, Danish citizens and businesses will have a general right to communicate securely with the public authorities. All they need to do is to use their digital signatures. Contrary to the administrative procedures we have today, the citizens and businesses can also request to get replies to their enquiries in secure, digital form.

The agreement also includes general rights for public authorities to communicate internally (cross-governmentally) by secure, digital means. This includes legitimate sharing of personal data.

A business case study for eDay2 argues that the public sector in Denmark will save 334 million DKK (around 45 million euros) over 4 years.

The first eDay was 1 September 2003. This has been declared a success. Read more about eDay1 in this article by Winn Nielsen.

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