Denmark is the e-readiest

Alan: England 2 – Denmark 1. That’s not the scores from a football match, but the rankings in a new survey that IBMs Insitute for Business Value and the Economist Intelligence Unit have published: The 2004 e-Readiness Rankings report (or here) .

Coverage: Alan pointed to FT: NATIONAL NEWS: Britain beats US in annual ‘e-readiness’ rankings. I found a few other sources: Reuters: Denmark Is Web-Savviest Nation, U.S. Drops -Survey, BBC: Denmark tops e-business rankings, The Register: Only Danes more ‘e-ready’ than UK and ZDNet: Survey: Denmark is Web-savviest nation.

Anyone in doubt about who’s the e-readiest? 😉

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  • Congratulations Denmark!

    Can say that Denmark was the talk of the town today at a Vinnova conference. All positive!
    And now Länsstyrelse in Örebro wants contacts for study visit to good Danish exampel in e-government willing to talk to curious Swedes.

    And even my first nr of newsletter featured the Denmark e-government program …and it came out in March!

  • Thanks Gail,

    Swedes positive about Denmark? You must be kidding 😉

    Actually, I’ve had several visits from Sweden lately, and will host a visit from the City of Stockholm in May. Örebro can just line up in the queue 🙂

    Seriously, I do give priority to Swedish visits, so I can practice my poor Swedish (which is getting worse and worse …). Just send me an email or call me on +45 4060 5727.

    Gail, I have just subscribed to your newsletter. Is there an online archive of previous issues?

  • Toppen, John. Hope Örebro länstyrelsen gets into that queue (by the way, think you’ll like the guy who contacted me from there…he has a personal website just in your flavor.

    Saw that subscription – thanx…Now have nearly 800 from all over the world (only about 10 from Sweden) in less than 6 weeks! Never really intended such a fantastic response when all I did was add the site as a resource in, (you know, my think globally but act locally way of doing things) made a couple “trading” deals with a couple big USA based lists etc.. and suddenly nearly 800 in. Glad for access to my newsletter tool.

    No 1 was the “planking” of Denmark:s egov declaration pages
    No 2 was the recent Australian e-gov conf papers abstracts
    No 3 not out yet, any suggestions for content??

    Now I must really get to work… (I am from 1 May finished at the City of Stockholm after 26 years of service they so often didn’t really want to have)…but I’m looking forward now to at least 5 more years of interesting things that need doing.
    I begin with 9 weeks in the USA (my longest stretch there since 1972 when I “landed” in Sweden). Have two grandchildren (1 and 3) in Delaware I intend to play a lot with, a college glee club reunion to go to, some old high school buddies to visit, a couple of installations to do etc.etc.. But, of course, I’ll be online a good bit with all connnections in place.

  • As of now, we’re in line. Hopefully John will be available when we need him.

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