We have reached a plateau

Accenture News Release about their annual report on e-gov maturity: eGovernment Leadership: High Performance, Maximum Value PDF.

The study identified five major trends in eGovernment today:

1. eGovernment advances are diminishing.
2. eGovernment leaders are reaping tangible savings.
3. Promoting take-up is taking hold, but the challenge remains.
4. The integration challenge is changing.
5. Personalization is emerging.

Here is what they say about Denmark:

Denmark remained in fourth place in the rankings this year, joined by Australia, Finland and Sweden. It made little measurable progress in overall maturity, with its score improving by less than 1 percent.

Denmark’s progress slowed in 2003 – not as a result of any mistakes, but from what we have seen to be a common slow-down after a period of rapid development. Denmark seems to have reached a plateau. Taking the next step in maturity will require a reevaluation of objectives and a resulting change in approach. Denmark is already taking the first step of reassessing its eGovernment goals. Now it will need to develop a corresponding action plan that improves its service depth and customer relationship management maturity and encourages more people to use eGovernment services.

A plateau? Strange, I thought we were still climbing the mountain.

News coverage:
CA: Government of Canada, ITWorldCanada, Ottawa Business Journal

DK: Computerworld Online, Yahoo Danmark

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