Maturity model for EA

How do we know how well we are doing in our EA work? One solution is to use maturity models. There are a number of these out there:

The field of maturity models has long been dominated by Carnegie Mellon University’s SEI and their capability maturity models CMM and CMMI. CMMI’s focus is on four areas: systems engineering, software engineering, Integrated Product and Process Development, and supplier sourcing. CMMI is based on some sound principles, but the “waterfall-ish” CMM heritage scares me a bit.

In comparison to other IT frameworks, such as ITIL (the IT Infrastructure Library from the UK Office of Government Commerce, OGC) and their self-assessment tool, and CobiT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology), CMMI is in many ways closer to EA than the more strictly IT-related ITIL and CobiT, but is still clearly something for the IT organisation. I suppose all these models might be embraced in an EA maturity framework. Heck, even stuff like Six Sigma could be considered, although other alternatives might be more effective, such as agile methods. Lee Copeland’s sarcastically suggests using a Maturity Maturity Model (M3).

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