Starting all over

It is a bit ironic that an upgrade of one blog (this) from MT 2.661 to MT 3.0D was more troublesome than migrating another to WordPress.

I am not sure what causes the problems, I have had, but the upgrade seems to cause a number of problems with this blog, probably caused by one of the many small modifications I have made to MT over the years.

I decided to start all over with a clean MT-install and there import my blog, resulting in a new “clone”, found at slash mt (not for indexing), which has now taken over the blog. I use one of the new default templates and style sheets for MT 3.0D. It’s actually not a bad style, but I want to use a three column layout, and kind of like my current design, and I decided to play with it (mainly colours) and now use it here. I think the blog has become more readable. Also, I need to play have played around with some rewrite rules to make URLs direct to the new, more friendly URLs, that is, /archives/2004/05/mt_vs_wp.html rather than /archives/000934.html. Let me know of any links that have gone bad.

Comment spam has been a strong motivation to do this upgrade. If the new comment mechanism in MT3.0 works right, comments are now to be moderated before being posted, unless a TypeKey is used. Feel free to test the comment system out.
Update: I got the first spam comment today. Since I have moderation on, it wasn’t posted. The real comments that came were also queued up, as they should. Had Dave or Patrik used TypeKey, their comments would have been posted directly. Hmmm. I can live with this system, just don’t hope I get flooded with a lot of spam, which is still tedious to delete, although much easier now than in old MT.

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  • I had all kinds of problems with comment spam on my MT blog. Currently, I use MT Blacklist to filter and eliminate it. It works pretty well for something I consider to be pretty insidious. Good luck in your quest to get rid of it.

  • Tracking on

    Huh? It seems my blog is playing tricks. I recently updated the site design and the MT-backend. There must be some old links somewhere here, because it seems that Trackbacks – I got two today: From Recent notable stuff (GovTechNews)…

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